Retirement Villages has been developing and managing purpose built, retirement communities throughout the UK for nearly 40 years. Inspired originally by retirement communities in America, often built around golf courses and extensive leisure facilities, the idea was adapted to meet the very different lifestyles, needs and ambitions of older people in the UK.

We have 16 villages across the UK, each in a beautiful setting and in select locations across the country. We place community and wellbeing at the heart of our villages, encouraging interaction between residents and the wider community. We have consistently won recognition within the industry, receiving national awards for our villages as well as prizes for outstanding landscaping and gardens.

The Chester retirement village will be the first in a new generation of developments that are designed to benefit and be part of the local community.



Our retirement villages provide homes where people can continue to live as they wish but with the support they need to make that possible. Most people move only a short distance to live within our homes, so they can maintain their existing routines and social connections.

Designed to be an extension of the existing community, our villages provide a range of amenities, services and outdoor spaces which help people to stay active, healthy and sociable in ways that work for them. Most health needs can be met through our wellbeing services and our care agency, with greater support available when needed.

We also believe that our villages should be open and useful places for people living nearby so we’re looking at what amenities we can provide that local people can also use. Our future residents are your friends, family and neighbours, or perhaps you yourself, so you’ll be welcome no matter what.


To find out more about the retirement village lifestyle and check out the villages nearest to you or in your preferred location, then request your free copy of our latest magazine Village Life today.

    • “I don’t have to worry about a thing being here. It’s reassuring to know there is help at hand but you are free to live your own life with no pressure, and to come and go as you please. I just love it here.”

      Catherine Hinman, Thamesfield, Oxfordshire
    • “This village is perfect for rediscovering things you did in your youth, things you’d forgotten how to do, and even things you never did before.”

      David Cawley, Castle Village, Hertfordshire
    • “We’re always quick to recommend life in a retirement village. In fact the only advice we give is not to leave it too late. There’s so much to enjoy it would be a shame to miss out. You can’t beat it. We’ve got the lot.”

      Mike and Pauline Pettet, Blagdon Village, Somerset


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